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Perhaps the most important organization or group is the family.  A healthy family provides the training ground for positive interactions within the larger community.  The family can also provide a refuge for peace and healing.  

Unfortunately not all families provide all the training or support children and adults need to interact positively and effectively with each other and with the community as a whole.  Many of the principles and strategies provided on this website are as applicable to families as they are to collaborations.  Much of what is written on this page is as applicable to other collaborations as it is to families.

Searching the internet for "Family Council" provided little information.  Searching for "Family Meeting" provided a wealth of great information, some of which is linked from below.  Because of the information linked from below, this page will only add a few concepts and suggestions for holding an effective family council.

When and Why
Family Councils are most effective when they are held regularly and started when children are young.  Once a week or at least once a month are recommended.  Special sessions for establishing goals can be held annually with review of goals, objectives, and measurable outcomes at least every three months.

Holding a Family Council or Family Meeting regularly and starting when the family is young, and when relationships and circumstances are going well and continuing the practice on a regular monthly; but at least quarterly basis, makes it easier and more effective to hold a Family Council when something is not going as well, in more difficult times, and under more difficult circumstances.  Family Councils can be a wonderful training ground for collaboration, goal setting, and conflict resolution.  A Family Council can help to strengthen family members and is a great time to share esteem and love.


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